Ego vs. Identity: Understanding How Your Brain Works

We are not the voice in our head. We are not the identity we create. That is the ego. It is a survival mechanism created by fear. It is the desire to survive, belong, find place. Even if we learn this and know this to be true, we still have to remind ourselves as we interact in this world.

The desire to react, defend our character, be lovable, likable, desirable to all is survival. The collapse of care and extreme independence is all part of a distortion we attach to in order to survive here as well. When we feel attacked, removed or judged, false logic steps in to create scenarios to protect us.

The media industry is filled with a ramped up version of this ego trait. The competition, and constant judgement when we place ourselves in any sort of public view can be brutal. The more eyes on you the heavier the energetic load. If not balanced properly this energy can create a constant state of survival mechanisms firing off inside of us which break down our physical systems and lead to exhaustion, isolation and suffering in either direction we sway. Care or not care. This choice is not the way to balance oneself. To ground and balance Is to separate from it all. Ground yourself, by understanding that whatever version of yourself you create is not actually you and the version of others you see is not actually them.

To ground and balance Is to separate from it all

This helps us all connect at a higher level as spirits just having a human experience, interacting and surviving… and it’s all really ok. After a jolt from the world we can find ourselves filled with survival mechanisms blasting off inside our minds. Calm this with acceptance and kindness towards others despite all other survival mechanisms playing out around you. It’s ok to separate yourself from pounding negative energy but, seeking empathy despite the venomous opinions around you calms the wave of this ramped up energetic force.

Opinions are projections. Truth is truth. Some people do not want to know the truth about themselves or others and that’s ok too. Surround yourself with people who are awake. Gently nudge the sleeping beings around you that you love to rise but do not be alarmed when they begin to react and survive -it is in our human nature to do so. It takes a lot of conscious practice to constantly break free.

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