Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple

Pineapple is considered by many a high sugar fruit that should be avoided when living a low carb lifestyle. By avoiding this fruit all together you are missing out on the many health benefits of eating Pineapple!
I believe pineapple can be part of a low carb maintenance program if consumed in measured quantities.
Pineapple is a great flavor enhancer. It also can be specifically used for its medicinal properties. In just one half cup serving It only has 10 usable carbohydrates. So don’t worry! 10 carbs are not enough usable carbohydrates to throw you out of ketosis. It will however add a powerhouse of nutrients to your regiment. Plus, it cuts the bitter taste from greens and the gut benefits are unmeasurable! I always recommend using your half cup raw in a smoothie. It’s also a great culinary ingredient that can enhance many dishes.
Pineapple contains a enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme aids in the digestion of proteins and also supports the digestion and absorption of many vital nutrients. Bromelain also inhibits the formation of cytokines which are secreted by cells of the immune system and are a contributing factor to gut inflammation. Gut inflammation has been found to be a major player in the formation of autoimmune disease. Pineapple also contains high amounts of Vitamin C and B1.

health benefits of pineapple

I believe there are no cure all foods but I believe we can use food as medicine to heal our bodies. We must learn how to listen to our bodies and specifically place as much nutrient dense foods in everyday that we can. Small changes over time become big. This is true with good and bad habits.

Try to eat foods in season whenever possible. Pineapple is at its peak of nutrient density from March through July.
Add fresh pineapple to you regiment a few times a week during these months to get the highest benefits of this fruit.

Heres my favorite pineapple protein morning greens smoothie recipe:

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