The Ugly Truth About Fruit Snacks

So here’s the ugly truth about “fruit snacks.” The only really healthy ones are the REAL KIND. Skip the gummies, which are essentially candy, and give your kids and family whole fruit like blueberries, raspberries or blackberries instead. Don’t wash fresh berries until you are about to eat them to avoid creating mold. I also keep snack bags on hand to pack snacks on the go. When we are on the run and the kids are begging for something to bring along, I just rinse some berries, lay them out on a paper towel for a minute or two while I gather my things and then transfer the fresh fruit snacks to a snack bag for each person and hit the road! Also, I’m about to let you in on the greatest mom secret ever! Did you know that morning is the perfect time to feed your family fruit? In the morning our bodies are coming out of a fasting state. When we sleep our organs go through a self cleaning mode. Each hour you are at rest , a different organ is getting cleaned out. Late night or middle of the night eating isn’t the best idea because it shifts your body back to digestion mode instead of being able to focus on cleaning house. When you rise and put fresh clean , highly digestible, nutrient dense fruits and veggies in your system you are gently waking your digestion up and assisting the completion of the night healing process.

When I wake up, I love to make up a pitcher of fresh lemon or fruit water ( see my post about my favorite flavored water recipes ) After I make up my water, I go into the fridge and pull out a variety of fruits that I have on hand. I chop, rinse and lay everything out on a platter for all the late risers to stumble onto when they get up. Not only is this the healthiest breakfast- It’s super easy and fast.

I’m always the first one awake in my house. This quiet time is my sacred time for inspired workflow. After i prep fruit and water and make my warm morning cup. I head to my studio for some me time. I feel satisfied that my gentle loving presence is waiting in the kitchen for each member of my family to wake and nibble and feel special and cared for. They are happy, and I can get some work done in the office while everyone gets up and going for the day without me having to slave over a hot stove and then have a huge clean up session. Yuck! In my opinion a hot stove and dishes is no way to start the day. Morning should be slow and gentle, warm and soothing. Brunch time is the time we come together for a more solid meal of eggs and veggies or sometimes a vegan protein shake post workout.

Final Vote guys-Always choose REAL fruit snacks! healthy, fast and simple. Not so ugly. Also hello, Breakfast is served! Plus, I promise you… piece for piece comparison real fruit snacks are less expensive than the sugar filled gummy fruit snacks. You will also thank me later for better dentist visits when you skip the gummies! those suckers are notorious for sticking in the teeth and creating cavities. yes, even organic sugar will rot your teeth.

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